Severe Weather Plan

Beautiful weather is in the forecast for Sunday. A bit chilly to start. Bring your sunglasses, a light jacket, and sunscreen. 

The Severe Weather Plan refers only to the Sunday morning University Commencement Ceremony. In the case of severe weather and the Severe Weather Plan is implemented, the University Commencement Ceremony will be moved from the Notre Dame Stadium to the Joyce Center Purcell Pavilion. Should severe weather threaten, this website will have updated information by 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning.  If the ceremony is moved to the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center or delayed, a message will be sent to graduates using cell phones registered with the ND Emergency Alert system.

Each undergraduate student who requested guest tickets for the University Commencement Ceremony are allotted up to three Severe Weather guest tickets, graduate students are allotted up to two. If the Severe Weather Plan is implemented, graduates and faculty in academic attire will be admitted to the Purcell Pavilion. Only guests with a Severe Weather Ticket will be seated in the Purcell Pavilion.

The event will be broadcast live in the Joyce Center North Dome, auditoriums in the DeBartolo Hall classroom building, and other large auditoriums in nearby buildings as announced. This will allow guests without a Severe Weather guest ticket to the Pavilion to view the event live.

What constitutes Severe Weather?
Severe weather is considered lightning, high winds, heavy and persistent rain.

It is stated that the University Commencement Ceremony will be held in the Notre Dame Stadium on Sunday morning “rain or shine”. What does that mean?
It is the intent to conduct the University Commencement Ceremony in the stadium even if it is raining or the weather conditions are not ideal. Also, the event could be delayed for up to an hour while a storm passes through the area. Only if there is "severe weather" will the event be moved indoors to the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center and the Severe Weather Plan will be implemented.

If it is raining for the University Commencement Ceremony in the Stadium, can guests, graduates, or faculty use umbrellas? 
Umbrellas are allowed in the Notre Dame Stadium. Please review the Prohibited Items listing. Faculty and graduates will be issued rain ponchos, and it is also acceptable for each participant to wear their personal rain gear. Guests should come prepared to use personal rain gear if rain is in the forecast. For those guests who wish to view a live broadcast of the ceremony indoors, seating will be available in the DeBartolo classroom building and also in other classroom buildings as announced.

How will the decision to move the University Commencement Ceremony indoors, due to severe weather, affect the undergraduate diploma ceremonies that are held that afternoon? 
The college/school and department undergraduate diploma ceremonies are conducted in covered areas, so they will go forward unless there is a severe weather emergency. If the University Commencement Ceremony is delayed by as much as an hour, the undergraduate diploma ceremonies may also be delayed. If severe weather has affected the Sunday morning ceremony, an announcement will be made at the University Commencement Ceremony concerning any changes to the times or locations of the college/school and department undergraduate diploma ceremonies.

What if there are dangerous weather conditions?
If the threat of tornado is apparent, emergency personnel will be available to assist guests to secure building locations. Depending on the timing and severity, it is possible that commencement activities will be delayed or cancelled.