Live Webcast

Live Video Streaming of some of the main ceremonies will be available during Commencement Weekend on this web page. In addition to the University Commencement Ceremony and Commencement Mass, other ceremonies at Notre Dame will be available on the University’s YouTube channel at the following link:

The University Commencement Ceremony will also be broadcast on WNIT Channel 34.2.

Live Video Stream Schedule

(Subject to change)

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sunday, May 17, 2020


In previous years, many of the University Commencement ceremonies were professionally videotaped and made available for purchase on DVD. Beginning with May, 2017, the University no longer sold DVD's. To order a 2016 or earlier year Commencement DVD, please visit for more information, or contact them at or by dialing (574) 631-6448.

Visit to see images capturing the highlights of the weekend. You can purchase prints of your favorite scenes or moments.

For a full listing of all events for the weekend, please visit the Schedule of Events.