Diploma Ceremonies

All students are invited to the Commencement Mass on Saturday evening and the University Commencement Ceremony on Sunday morning. Tickets are not required, and the number of guests is unlimited, for the Commencement Mass and the Diploma Ceremonies.

The Sunday morning University Commencement Ceremony is a free ticketed event for guests, and is unlimited within reason.

Please note that dual degree and double major is completely different. Dual degree means that you are receiving two degrees/diplomas in two different colleges. Dual degree students may decide which college ceremony they are going to, if they occur at the same time. This is different than being a double major, where you are receiving one degree in one college, but happen to have two majors. The second major may be in your college or in another college, but you are only receiving one diploma/degree. Double majors should attend the college/major diploma ceremony of their degree and major (College of Engineering and College of Science) that is in their college.  

Tassel colors are based on the degree you are earning and not major.

For a full listing of all events, please view the Schedule of Events page.

The following is a list of dates and times that students will receive their diplomas (available in March 2024).

Saturday, May 18, 2024


Sunday, May 19, 2024

Students do not receive diplomas at the Sunday morning University Commencement Ceremony; however, at this ceremony, undergraduate degrees will be conferred by their dean and the University President.