Diploma Information

If you did not attend your May 2023 diploma ceremony, and you did not enter this information into the GradApp with your address, then please contact Amy Jennings at 574-631-5183 or Jennings.30@nd.edu to let her know where you would like your diploma mailed. If you missed your diploma ceremony, but are on campus, you may pick-up your diploma at 300 Grace Hall.

Please note that the unofficial Commencement Program, provided during Commencement weekend, is based on previous semester grades for printing deadlines; therefore, some Latin Honors will be incorrect. An Official Commencement Program is produced in August and will be sent to the address we have on file for you. The diplomas are printed in-house and are reprinted prior to commencement weekend for Latin Honor adjustments.

Latin Honors for Undergraduate Students

In the undergraduate colleges or schools, a degree will be granted with highest honors (summa cum laude) if the student’s grade point average ranks among the top 5.000 percent of those students graduating from the student’s college or school; for a student whose grade point average ranks among the top 15.000 percent of the student’s college or school, a degree will be granted with high honors (magna cum laude); for a student whose grade point average ranks among the top 30.000 percent of the student’s college or school, a degree will be granted with honors (cum laude). A student who meets the requirements of more than one category of honors will be awarded only the highest honor for which that student qualifies. View the Latin Honors for the current semester.

Earning a Notre Dame diploma is a great honor not only to the holder, but also to the wider University community.  Congratulations on your accomplishment! All students who have met their current obligations to the institution and have no account holds are eligible to receive their diploma at Commencement.

Replacement or Duplicate Diplomas

The cost of replacement or duplicate diplomas is as follows:

  • January 2012 graduates to present: Printed on paper only $65.00*
  • August 2011 graduates and prior: Printed on paper $65.00* or printed on sheepskin $115.00* (for available years and degrees)

There is an additional express postage fee for international. Please allow 4–6 weeks for processing after the request is received.

Diploma Request - alumni portal
Alum will be prompted to sign in to myNotreDame. You may need to create a new account if not already registered.

Diploma Request - manual form
If you do not wish to use the Alumni portal, you may request a diploma by using this form. You will need to scan or fax your signature with the form.

Information that you will need to provide:

  • Paper or sheepskin (based on information above)
  • Printed name as it is to appear on the diploma, if different from the original
  • Year of graduation and type of degree
  • Last 3 digits of your Social Security number
  • Address to which the diploma should be mailed
  • Contact information: phone number and email address
  • ND ID#, if applicable (not mandatory)

If the request is for a diploma dated prior to 1968, we duplicate the original document (as close as possible) except that the diploma may be printed on smaller stock. We do not have copies of diplomas on file. All replacements and duplicates are official and original.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Jennings at 574-631-5183 or Jennings.30@nd.edu.

*UPS express mail - The charge for using express mail international varies. P.O. Box addresses will not be accepted. Please email Amy for further details.