Am I required to attend Commencement activities?

The dean in each college/school will inform the faculty concerning attendance at the various commencement activities and ceremonies.

Do I need a ticket for the University Commencement Ceremony?

No, as long as you plan to march in the academic procession and be seated in the on-field seating. Academic robes are required.

Do I need a ticket for the Commencement Mass?

No. However, if you plan to march in the academic procession and sit with the faculty, academic robes are required.

Where do I acquire a cap and gown?

Academic robes are required for the Saturday Commencement Mass, Sunday University Commencement Ceremony, and for each diploma ceremony. The Bookstore will send instructions to all faculty regarding rental of caps and gowns. If you own personal academic attire, you do not need to rent a robe from the Bookstore.

I would like to act as a marshal for my college for the Mass and/or University Commencement Ceremony. How can I become a marshal?

The Office of the Registrar sends requests to each dean the end of February. Please contact your dean or Liz Rosencrantz for further information.

It is stated that the University Commencement Ceremony will be held in Notre Dame Stadium on Sunday morning “rain or shine”. What does that mean?

It is the intent to conduct the University Ceremony in the stadium even if it is raining. Also, the event could be delayed for up to an hour while a storm passes through the area. Only if there is severe weather (lightning, high winds, heavy and persistent rain, etc.) will the event be moved indoors to the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center and the Severe Weather Plan will be implemented.

If the University Commencement Ceremony is moved indoors because of severe weather, who will be allowed to attend, given the more limited seating capacity in the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center?

Each graduate who has stated that he or she will attend the University Commencement Ceremony will be allotted “Severe Weather” tickets. Graduating students and faculty will be admitted to the Purcell Pavilion.  (It is likely that no academic procession will occur as part of the Severe Weather Plan with faculty and graduates being directed to the appropriate seating area as they enter the Purcell Pavilion.) The event will be broadcast live to the Joyce Center North Dome, auditoriums in the DeBartolo classroom building, and to other large auditoriums in nearby buildings, as announced. This will allow guests without a Severe Weather ticket to the Purcell Pavilion to view the event live.

When will the decision be made to move the event from the Stadium in the event of severe weather?

In the case of severe weather, the decision to declare and implement the Severe Weather Plan and to move the event indoors will be made and announced by 7:30 a.m. on Sunday. If the ceremony is moved to the Purcell Pavilion at the Joyce Center or delayed, a message will be sent to graduates using cell phones registered with the ND Emergency Alert system. A notice will also be posted on the Commencement website. It is expected that graduates will notify their guests.

How will the decision to move the University Commencement Ceremony indoors, due to severe weather, affect the undergraduate diploma ceremonies that are held that afternoon?

The college/school and department undergraduate diploma ceremonies are conducted in covered areas, so they will go forward unless there is a severe weather emergency. If the University Commencement Ceremony is delayed by as much as an hour, the undergraduate diploma ceremonies should still be able to begin at 2:00 p.m. If severe weather has affected the Sunday morning ceremony, an announcement will be made at the University Commencement Ceremony concerning any changes to the times or locations of the college/school and department undergraduate diploma ceremonies.

If it is raining for the University Commencement Ceremony in the Stadium, can guests, graduates, or faculty use umbrellas?

Umbrellas are allowed in the Notre Dame Stadium, although discouraged. See the Prohibited Items list for further information. Faculty and graduates will be issued rain ponchos, and it is also acceptable for faculty and graduates to wear their personal rain gear. However, in each case cap and gowns are required for faculty and graduates.